Recognize the Warning Signs of Financial Difficulty

To Remain in Good Financial Health, Keep Your Eye on Your Money!

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Warning Signs of Being Too Deep in Personal Debt
  • Having your cheques returned NSF by a financial institution
  • Difficulty paying monthly bills (electricity, rent, cable, etc.)
  • You need to pay your basic expenses with a credit card because you lack funds
  • You are only making the minimum payment on credit cards
  • You are using one credit card to pay for another

Warning Signs of Financial Difficulties for a Company
  • Loss of a major customer
  • Significant decrease in business volume
  • Aggressive competitors
  • Decreased market in general
  • Increased production costs
  • Overly high fixed costs
  • Lack of cash
  • Major IT issues
  • Acquisition of a competitor at too high a price
  • Significant threats to the company
    • Environmental problems
    • Prosecution
    • Bankruptcy of a customer or supplier
  • Frequent absences of key staff
  • High debt ratio
  • Financial information not up to date

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